ah, youre into tokyo ghoul? i love that series the way they just [clenches fist] t-the way the y just [falls to my knees] k kaneki ken just wanted to talk about his b ook….. [clenches fists again] he diDNT DESERVE ALL THAT

Friend: Because Sasake Haise...
Me: Did you mean Kaneki?
Friend: No, Haise from the new Tokyo Ghoul manga.
Me: Oh, Kaneki.
Friend: No, it's
Me: Kaneki Ken
Friend: Bu-
Me: Kaneki fucking Ken.
what she says: one true pairing!
what she means: I have fifty of these and it's not stopping


So I’m not a great artist but I had this concept hit me like a train and I just had to draw it.

May have to turn the brightness up to see it properly.